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A Journalist Just Tricked Ted Cruz Into Self-Owning Himself On Twitter

A Journalist Just Tricked Ted Cruz Into Self-Owning Himself On Twitter

Ted Cruz has sent out some awful tweets in his time, incurring some of the biggest ratios on Twitter, and most of the time he probably knows what he’s doing. But on Tuesday, Cruz quote-tweeted a writer who changed his name specifically to drag Cruz. And to make it worse, the Republican Texas Senator’s comment above the quoted tweet is “seems bad”, which makes the whole tweet…seem bad.

So bad, in fact, he deleted the tweet right before we hit publish on this story.

Journalist Ken Klippenstein of The Intercept changed his Twitter name to “Ted Cruz liked a porn tweet” because of a stupendously funny incident in 2017. Anyone can look at a profile to see an account’s Likes, and Ted Cruz got caught like-ing a tweet from an account intended for the more adult pleasures of the world, despite his past advocacy for a ban on sex toys amongst his more hypocritical political stances. because the national security reporter did this before when far-right Republicans quote-tweet him. Cruz’s former colleague Steve King found out about Klippenstein the hard way by sharing one of his tweets, only to see him change his name to “Steve King is a white supremacist,” which is true.

Klippenstein’s account caught Cruz’s attention on Tuesday when he shared a tweet about NASA sending employees an email “seeking volunteers to help staff facilities for unaccompanied migrant children.” Republicans are so desperate for negative information on the Biden Administration that they cover his dog’s poop like its news.

But Cruz quoted it and shared it without paying enough attention to just whom he was quoting.

Klippenstein took time out to screenshot his new quarry’s unintentional self-own.


The Twitterverse reacted with glee, naturally.

Remember, screenshots are forever. So if you’re ever having a bad day, you can always think about that one time Ted Cruz liked a porn tweet and how it’s a gift that keeps on giving, even if he has no clue he gave it to us.

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