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Josh Mandel Pledges to Create a Theocracy Without a Postal Service

Josh Mandel Pledges to Create a Theocracy Without a Postal Service

Twice-failed right-wing Republican United States Senate Candidate Josh Mandel of Ohio loves boasting about being a big fan of the Constitution. Unfortunately, however, he frequently demonstrates that he has little understanding of it.

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Speaking at a “Party in the Park” that was sponsored by Ohioans for Concealed Carry in Powell, Ohio on Saturday, Mandel vowed that he will work to require religious adherence “in all aspects” of American daily life if he is elected to the Senate next year.

“Listen, in this country right now, we’re in a fight. We’re in a fight against the radical left, who are trying to take away our guns. We’re in a fight against the secular left, which is trying to take God out of all aspects in our life. My feeling is we shouldn’t be watering down our Judeo-Christian values; we should be doubling down on those Judeo-Christian values and instilling God in all aspects of the classroom, of work, and of society. When I get to Washington, I’m going to make decisions with two documents in hand. With the Bible in one hand and the Constitution in the other. Thank you very much,” he said.

The First Amendment expressly forbids the establishment of religion as well as any laws that “prohibit the free exercise thereof.”

Mandel then took questions from the audience. One of his constituents demanded that the United States Postal Service be “privatized and eliminated altogether” because, in his ‘opinion,’ it has become too big and too incompetent to survive.

“The Post Office is a disaster. They need to be privatized and eliminated altogether,” the man grumbled. “Uhhh, they’ve grown every year. The government gives them billions of dollars to continue losing money. Enough’s enough. We need competent people delivering our mail so we don’t have to wait for our neighbors to bring our mail over to us.”

But Mandel obviously does not know – or care – enough to set the record straight.

The USPS is mandated in the Constitution and is funded through the purchase of postage. It does not receive taxpayer money, and its financial woes are almost entirely due to poor leadership and unreasonable expenditure demands by Congress, such as being forced to fund 75 years’ worth of pensions in advance.

All Mandel has are buzzwords.

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“Listen, it is one of the agencies I agree that’s completely incompetent and could never stand up in the private sector. But there’s a bigger issue here. And this is what I’m going to do when I get to Washington: I’m going to post on the wall of my office the United States Constitution, and right next to it, I’m going to post an organizational chart of the federal government. And for every agency, sub-agency, bureau, department – all these departments we’ve never even heard of in the bowels of the federal government – I’m going to work with people like [Texas GOP Senator] Rand Paul and [Republican Representatives] Thomas Massie [KY] and Jim Jordan [OH] and others to try to eliminate all these departments that are never called for in the Constitution,” he replied.

“Cause what happens is, politicians – Democrat and Republican over time, and it happens in state government, it happens everywhere – they create these departments and agencies. And then the beaurocrats – the deep state in there – they keep growing them cause they gotta justify their existence and perpetuate their funding and we need warriors going to Washington to cut their funding and eliminate them whole hog,” Mandel added.

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