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Josh Mandel Flat Out Denies the Reality of Racism and Slavery Throughout American History

Josh Mandel Flat Out Denies the Reality of Racism and Slavery Throughout American History

Twice-failed Republican United States Senate candidate Josh Mandel of Ohio vowed on The Pete Santilli Show last month that “the time for civility has passed” and that if he is elected in 2022 that he intends to “blow up the system.” Mandel also falsely asserted – again – that the USA was founded as a Judeo-Christian nation.

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“Listen, Pete. I’m a Marine Corps vet. I did a couple tours in Iraq. I did my small part, and I think right now, we’ve got to send fighters to Washington. The time for civility has passed. The time for bipartisanship has passed. Now is the time to send fighters to Washington, fighters to take on the radical left and the secular left, fighters to blow up the system, fighters to blow up the swamp, and fighters to take on these squishy establishment Republicans who are helping the Democrats bring down this country,” said Mandel.

“I also believe We are in a fight for the hearts and minds of our kids. They’re trying to indoctrinate our kids. They’re trying to take our kids and teach them to hate America. They’re trying to teach our kids that somehow America was founded on the basis of racism or slavery, and we know that’s trash. That’s baloney. That’s garbage,” he continued.

Mandel, just as he has in the recent past, then peddled a vastly oversimplified and grotesquely distorted version of American history.

“America was founded on the principles of freedom and liberty with brave men marching through the snow with blood on their feet in 1776 to found this country, in 1787 to write the Constitution, and we also know that this great country was founded and grew strong on a foundation, on a bedrock, of Judeo-Christian values. Not radical Muslim values, not atheism, but Judeo-Christian values. And we know in that Judeo-Christian ethic, we know to acknowledge good versus evil, and we know that we have an obligation to fight for good over evil. And there’s a lot of evil out there in the Democrat Party, in the Republican Party, in the deep state, in the swamp, and this evil will find no worse nightmare than having me, Josh Mandel, in the US Senate,” he said.

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