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Josh Mandel Calls Local Reporter ‘Fake News’ When Asked About Protecting Unvaccinated Kids Against COVID-19

Josh Mandel Calls Local Reporter ‘Fake News’ When Asked About Protecting Unvaccinated Kids Against COVID-19

Republican United States Senate candidate Josh Mandel of Ohio was asked on Thursday about what measures can be taken to guard unvaccinated kids and their families against COVID-19 now that schools and in-person learning are back in session. But instead of answering the question, Mandel accused Spectrum News reporter Josh Rultenberg of advocating “using kids as human shields to protect adults.”


Rultenberg, however, suggested nothing of the sort.

“Kids aren’t vaccinated at this point. They don’t even have the opportunity if they’re below 12. If for some reason though they were a carrier – even if they’re not succumbing to COVID – if they were a carrier for the disease, go to school, come home for the virus I should say, how do you protect those that they’re going home to if they are the carrier for this?” he asked Mandel.

Mandel totally imploded.

“Well, I think the premise of your question is completely immoral and unethical. You are asking the question of putting kids as human shields to protect adults. That’s completely immoral, it’s completely unethical. Our kids only get one childhood and over my dead body am I going to allow journalists like yourself, or politicians, to advance the argument that kids should be used as human shields for adults. That’s insane,” he replied.

Rultenberg was completely taken aback by Mandel’s irrational response.

“Okay, do you have anything else you want to add?” he pressed.

“Uh, no,” said Mandel.

“Okay, I dunno why you took a personal shot there but I mean I literally just asked a question,” Rultenberg said.

“Listen man, you’re a professional, I’m a professional. You shouldn’t take that personally. I just thought the premise of your question was immoral,” Mandel continued.

Rultenberg – having sparred with Mandel during previous interviews – was transparently aggravated with Mandel’s belligerent obtuseness.

“The last time – I remember the last time we spoke when I went to Strongsville you called me fake news. So I just – I didn’t understand that either. I mean I’m literally just doing my job. I’m a local journalist, ya know? Not doing anything crazy here,” he said.

Mandel then threw a tantrum in which he called the media the “enemy” of the people.

“Listen, man, the premise – the way you ask questions is, and frame questions – is completely biased. It’s totally in line with fake news, but listen, I’m glad to continue doing interviews with you anytime, but if you want me to just be nice to you and kiss your butt like some of these other candidates do, I’m not gonna do it, cause I think the mainstream media like yourself, you guys are the enemy. You guys have been pushing this fake news on COVID, fake news on impeachment, fake news on January 6th, and I really believe in my heart of hearts that you guys are the enemy. You guys have created so many of the problems in this country,” Mandel seethed.

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“Okay,” a visibly and understandably frustrated Rultenberg said. “Thank you for taking the time. I appreciate it.”

Watch below via Josh Rultenberg:

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