Josh Hawley’s Wife Files Criminal Complaint Over Peaceful Protest

On Jan. 4, two days before Sen. Josh Hawley raised his fist to help incite the deadly Capitol Hill riot, the Missouri Republican’s northern Virginia home was the site of a candlelight vigil by a group of about 20 people protesting his pledge to challenge the Electoral College vote in Congress on Jan. 6. By all accounts the protestors’ actions including chanting through bullhorns, writing “Trump Lost” in chalk on the sidewalk in front of the residence and leaving a copy of the Constitution at the front door.

Hawley, ever the snowflake victim, raged and exaggerated – basically lied – on Twitter that “Antifa scumbags came to our place in DC and threatened my wife and newborn daughter. They screamed threats, vandalized and tried to pound open our door.”

The local police were called to the scene, observed the goings-on and advised the group to disperse, which they promptly did. The entire episode was recorded. But now, after a month of private reflection, Hawley’s wife, Erin, has filed a criminal complaint against the organizer of the protest, Patrick Young of ShutdownDC. Erin Hawley’s complaint offers another installment of the fiction her husband told of the event. At one point in the video Erin Hawley opens the front door while holding her baby and is seen calmly asking the group to “clear out please.”

In her criminal complaint Erin Hawley portrays it as a much more sinister affair. “The doorbell rang, and from downstairs, I could hear loud noises at the door: knocking, stomping, shouting, or some combination,” the senator’s wife wrote in her statement. “I went upstairs to see what was happening. … The protestors were screaming with bullhorns and shouting ‘Come out, come out!’ I was frightened.”

A local magistrate found probable cause to charge the organizer of the protest with one misdemeanor count of illegally demonstrating, but not with making threats or vandalism as Hawley initially alleged. The senator, on the other hand, is facing calls for his resignation for raising his fist and helping incite the deadly insurrectionist riot and vandalism and defacement of the Capitol. Like the peaceful protest outside his home, that, too, was all caught on video.

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