Josh Hawley Unironically Promotes Anti-‘Big-Tech’ Book Via Amazon, Twitter

Josh Hawley says that ‘big tech’ is ‘silencing’ conservatives (such as himself). He says this on social media, and now on Amazon, where he’s hawking an entire book about it.

[Photo by Evelyn Hockstein-Pool/Getty Images]

Hawley declared in a tweet Tuesday that “the corporate media and the woke mob” had been trying to prevent his book from being published — perhaps referencing the decision of publisher Simon & Schuster not to associate with him after his connections to the Capitol attack in January. The book is called The Tyranny Of Big Tech, and according to the description, it’s about how big tech companies like Apple, Amazon, and social media giants control too much of what people can say and access.

Wait, back that up a second. Did I mention that’s the book’s description…on Amazon? The Amazon description of the book goes on to warn that these companies “do not deal gently with those who cross them.”

Yes, and that’s the Amazon link that Josh Hawley posted, with no apparent sense of irony, on Twitter, to the more than half-million people who follow him on that social media site.

From his iPhone. Hawley posted an Amazon link on Twitter from his iPhone, to promote his book in which he says that Amazon, Apple, and social media companies are silencing views like his.

[Screenshot via Josh Hawley/Twitter]

Plenty of people were happy to call the senator out and mock him for this.

Hawley might not see the irony, but it seems a lot of the general public does.

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