Josh Hawley Doesn’t Plan on Running For President in 2024

In early January, Josh Hawley threw his support behind Donald Trump’s doomed election fight. Few wondered why the Missouri senator would become the most prominent lawmaker to back the challenge. Hawley, an ambitious 41 year-old, was thought to be  making to move to set up a future run for President.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Of course, joining in on Trump’s challenge backfired spectacularly. The ex-President’s supporters engaged in an insurrection that was inspired, in part by Hawley’s actions. And the Missouri senator’s approval has taken a nosedive.

In addition to his poor approval ratings, Hawley also lost a book deal with Simon & Schuster. The GOP lawmaker also says that he doesn’t plan on making a run for the presidency in 2024.

Hawley simply replied, “No, I’m not running,” when asked by reporters on Tuesday afternoon. Business Insider reports further:

“The tough-talking first-term senator appeared to be eyeing the Oval Office, with a new book due out in May from a conservative publisher after being dropped by Simon & Schuster. His national profile has increased through fiery speeches and loyalty to now-former President Donald Trump. But Hawley, a fast-rising 41-year old who also served as Missouri’s attorney general, has also drawn the ire of both Republicans and Democrats. Some have even called for his resignation for his role spearheading then-President Donald Trump’s attempt to secure a second term despite losing last November’s presidential election.”

Time will tell who the Republican’s eventual nominee will be during next year’s election. If Donald Trump is not in jail or in failing health, he is likely to be the party’s candidate.

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