Josh Hawley Comes Out As A Christian Nationalist

Sen. Josh "Fist Pump For Fascism" Hawley appeared at the fourth National Conservatism Conference, known as NatCon 4 (which sounds too close to DefCon 4 to me, and I know that's not the worst DefCon, but give them time) on Tuesday and used his speech as an opportunity to come out.

Come out as a Nazi, that is.

Okay, so a sitting U.S. Senator didn't actually use that particular N word, he used two words instead of just the one:

"Christian Nationalist."

Both of these things are just like the other. 

Not only did Hawlin' Hawley boast about being a Christian Nationalist, but he also proclaimed that the United States of America--which was founded to be a safe haven to express all religious freedoms--is a Christian nation now.

You know, because he and his Sky Daddy say so.

"Some will say now that I am calling America a Christian Nation," said the lipless liar. "So I am. And some will say that I am advocating Christian Nationalism. And so I do." 

Sure, that's fine. I do Nazi a problem, do you?

This is NOT a Christian Nation, this is a free nation. Well, unless people decide to vote for the convicted felon adjudicated rapist who also raped children procured for him by Jeffrey Epstein who wants to implement Project 2025. Then this absolutely will become a Christian Nation, and those who don't willingly join the cult will feel their wrath. 

You know, because they're all so loving and Christ-like.

This aligns a little too well with the Project 2025 takeover of the country, which thankfully more and more Americans are learning about.