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Josh Hawley Blocks Confirmation of Homeland Security Secretary Amid Threats of Right-Wing Terror

Josh Hawley Blocks Confirmation of Homeland Security Secretary Amid Threats of Right-Wing Terror

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) blocked what should have been a quick confirmation of President Joe Biden’s incoming Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas.

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Hawley is one of a cudgel of Capitol Hill lawmakers who peddled Donald Trump’s lie that the 2020 election was stolen and encouraged an armed mob to storm the United States Capitol on January 6th while Congress was certifying the votes from the Electoral College. Five people were killed in the attack.

Hawley’s delay comes amid steady trickles of threats of political violence emanating from domestic terror organizations such as the Oath Keepers.

CNN’s Manu Raju explained to Brianna Keilar:

Hawley says in a statement released just moments ago that he has concerns with the president-elect’s immigration plan and he contends that Mayorkas in his confirmation hearing today did not do enough to satisfy his concerns about securing the southern border. So, as a result, he’s announcing he will essentially slow down this process, object to any efforts to fast track this nomination.

Keilar pointed out that Hawley “can look outside of his window and see what is happening” and that Hawley “does not seem to be concerned” about the potential for right-wing savagery.

“What is his political calculation when any reasonable person would say that this is not something that should be slowed down?” Keilar asked Raju.

Raju replied:

Well, he is aligning himself with the Republican agenda on immigration, the hardcore elements of the president’s base, the outgoing president’s base. Donald Trump’s view on immigration has been the view of Josh Hawley and other Republican senators, and Hawley himself, of course, hasn’t taken time to even acknowledge Biden’s victory.

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Raju noted that Hawley’s stunt is nothing more than a fruitless political flex:

You mentioned him aligning himself with Donald Trump. He was the first Senator to announce that he would join House Republicans and object to the states’ electoral results. He did that with Pennsylvania even after the riot happened on January 6th. He still said he would. He still objected and dragged out the process. He argues he is well within his rights to do that. He’s not showing regret for his actions, in fact, defending it, saying he did not condone violence. He says he condemns violence. He says that he is well within his rights to object as prescribed under the Constitution. But a lot of his colleagues, even on the Republican side, have been critical of him. We’ll see how they react to his latest efforts to slow down the confirmation process of one key nominee, but ultimately that nominee will be confirmed, just not quickly because of Josh Hawley putting up a roadblock here.

Talk about a power trip.

Watch below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

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