Right-Wing Nut Josh Bernstein Wants Donald Trump to Declare Martial Law and Schedule a New Election

Radical right-wing radio host Josh Bernstein wants President Donald Trump to “declare martial law” and “schedule a new election” because he refuses to believe that Trump lost.

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“I think we need drastic – and I mean drastic – measures in order to change what’s going on,” Bernstein said on The NutriMedical Report last Thursday, as ballots across the country were still being counted.

“The first thing I would do if I was President Trump is I would call the Insurrection Act in right now. The first thing you do is you quell all violence, and you stop all violence with the military or the National Guard,” Berstein continued. “The second thing you do is declare martial law in the country right now, and you send in armed military and National Guard folks into every single one of these swing states where they are counting ballots, and you force them to stop counting ballots right then and there, and if not, they are taken away by the military and arrested, and here’s the reason why, because we’ve already seen that judges’ court orders are being denied and still not allowing access into these counting areas.”

This, of course, is ludicrous. Vote tallies are never final on Election Day. But Trump’s most fervent true-believers, like Bernstein, would rather smash the democratic process to pieces than admit defeat.

Further, representatives from both political parties were permitted to oversee vote counting in swing states, and there have not been any credible allegations of voter fraud or election irregularities relating to the 2020 presidential election, which Trump lost to President-Elect Joe Biden, his Democratic opponent, by a sizeable margin in the Electoral College and the national popular vote.

But objective truth is far less appealing than conspiracy theories.

“The next thing we do is we end up having a situation where we do an immediate injunction to the Supreme Court, thank God we have Amy Coney Barrett on the Court, and we make a ruling that says any vote that has been counted after the close of the polls on election night in that respective state, every vote that was counted after the polls closed, is null and void. One hundred percent,” Bernstein growled.

Bernstein’s plan is simply hogwash.

“And then what you do – it’s very simple at this point – you either do one of two things: you either count the votes that you already have in to that point and determine your winner, or you get rid of the entire election – 100 percent, every state – you do a complete redo, and you have the election on January 3,” Bernstein said.

That is not how American democracy works.

Listen below, courtesy of RightWingWatch:

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