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Josh Bernstein Suggests Starving Democrats to Death Unless Joe Biden Resigns

Josh Bernstein Suggests Starving Democrats to Death Unless Joe Biden Resigns

Right-wing conspiracy theorist and provocateur Josh Bernstein said on Tuesday that American truck drivers – of which there is a major shortage – should refuse to deliver food to Democratic-run cities until “dementia pedophile” President Joe Biden resigns.

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Bernstein – a devoted acolyte of former President Donald Trump – wants to starve half of the country to death because he disagrees with them politically.

“I think that we should have a permanent ban on delivering goods and services into big, blue dominant liberal cities in America. I think that the truckers should boycott big blue cities in California, New York, and Chicago, and ya know and Houston, and everywhere else that – Detroit – anywhere where there are tons of registered Democrats. I would do it, honestly, by ZIP code. So, in other words, I’m sure these groups that are forming can get ahold of voter registrations in some of these big cities and cities that are dominated with Democrats. We need to squeeze them dry,” Bernstein said on The Josh Bernstein Show, which airs on Rumble.

He also peddled the “big lie” that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump and that every single Democratic voter deserves to suffer for it.

“You get nothing,” Bernstein added. “You get nothing delivered. You get no food. You get no shelter. You can get no water. You get no supplies. You get nothing until this illegal administration, this treasonous dictatorship, steps down. And I’m not talking just the dementia pedophile, either. I’m talking all of them step down because they’re not supposed to be there in the first place because they stole their power. They did not earn their power. People did not vote for these scumbags, and therefore they are illegitimate and I have no problem pointing that out.”

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