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Jon Stewart Vindicated: McConnell to Meet With First Responders

Jon Stewart Vindicated: McConnell to Meet With First Responders

Last week on Capitol Hill, comedian Jon Stewart testified in front of congress about health care for 9/11 first responders. Following his fiery speech, Stewart lashed out at Mitch McConnell saying the Senate Majority Leader was a stumbling block in getting the heroes their proper care. McConnell said of the former Daily Show host, “It sounds to me like he’s looking for some way to take offense.”

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It seems, however, that Stewart’s public shaming of McConnell has gotten his desired result. John Feal, an activist who lost part of his foot at Ground Zero, said the Kentucky Senator would be meeting with his group.

After McConnell suggested that Stewart was bent out of shape, the comedian responded, “I’m bent out of shape for them. These are the first heroes and veterans and victims of the great trillions of dollars war on terror. And they’re currently still suffering and dying and in terrible need. You would think that would be enough to get Congress’ attention? But apparently, it’s not.”

Now the Senate Majority Leader will meet with the FealGood Foundation, the group founded by Feal. When asked by CBS News what he hoped the meeting would accomplish, Feal replied, “To let him know we want our legislation refunded and extended in the near future and to sense our urgency and then be left alone. So he is either on board or he gets a street fight.”

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The group and Stewart also have the backing of the President. When asked about Stewart’s testimony, Trump said, “I liked what Jon Stewart did. I actually did. And I actually have a meeting on that subject next week. So we’ll see what happens.”

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