Jon Stewart: The People Who Actually Care About Cancel Culture Never Seem to Shut Up About It

Over the last year or so, the hosts of Fox News have become increasingly obsessed with what they call ‘cancel culture.’ This is despite that fact that many of the people being ‘cancelled,’ are just facing the consequences for their bad actions.

Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Montclair Film Festival

Conservative pundits have found a strange ally in their cancel culture war in stand-up comedians. Comedians, even those who skew Liberal, are concerned that they may lose their livelihood over telling jokes. There is at least one comedian, however, willing to say that the critiques of cancel culture have become a bit absurd.

Stewart said during a recent interview with David Remnick, “People that talk about cancel culture never seem to shut the f— up about it. Like, there’s more speech now than ever before.”

“The internet has democratized criticism,” the comedian continued. “What do we do for a living, we talk shit, we criticize, we postulate, we opine, we make jokes — and now other people are having their say. And that’s not cancel culture, that’s relentlessness.”

Stewart closed his comments, “We live in a relentless culture. And the system of the internet and all those other things are incentivized to find the pressure points of that and exacerbate it.”


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