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Jon Ossoff Owns Fox Reporter for the Second Day in a Row

Jon Ossoff Owns Fox Reporter for the Second Day in a Row

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff on Thursday smacked down a conspiracy theory that accuses him of withholding payments his business received from a Chinese media company on a financial disclosure form in his second impromptu interview with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy in two days.

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“Why is it that you waited until after the primary to reveal that your business did business with the company in Hong Kong that was linked to the Chinese government?” Doocy asked, implying that Ossoff was being “paid by the Communist Chinese government through a media company.”

Ossoff, who is challenging incumbent Republican David Perdue in a runoff election on January 5, was not having it.

“This is utter nonsense,” Ossoff replied. “My company has produced multiple investigations of atrocities committed by ISIS war criminals, and these investigations have been aired by dozens of television channels in dozens of countries all over the world, and one of those channels was in Hong Kong. That is the entire substance of Senator Perdue’s campaign against me.

Ossoff then tore into Perdue’s hypocrisy for “outsourcing jobs to China,” denying financial relief to residents of Georgia, and his cowardice for rejecting Ossoff’s requests to have a debate:

The irony of this is that Senator Perdue ran the factories in Shenzhen province in cooperation with the Chinese communist party. Senator Perdue spent his entire career outsourcing jobs to China. The same Senator who refuses even to debate me, the same senator who has been telling establishment Republican donors in private that Donald Trump is responsible for Republican defeat, blaming the president personally, refusing to support the $2,000 stimulus checks that even President Trump demanded until we were five days from an election. The Same senator who blames President Trump for Republican difficulty in Georgia but then in public indulges the president’s fantasy that he actually won here.

Further, Ossoff continued, “the only reason Senator Perdue is even making any deal about this is because I publicly disclosed every TV channel around the world that aired my company’s investigations of ISIS war crimes.”

That still was not good enough for Doocy, who doubled-down on his line of questioning.

“Recently we saw the Chinese government tried to make inroads with a young Democratic lawmaker Eric Swalwell. Are you concerned that through a payment to a well-known young Democrat, somebody linked to China or the Chinese through another company could be trying to influence you?” Doocy asked.

“C’mon, man! You’re a serious reporter,” Ossoff shot back. “Do you really believe that a TV channel in Hong Kong airing an investigation that my company produced of ISIS war crimes in Iraq is what you’re implying it is or what David Perdue is implying it is?”

Apparently so, based on Doocy’s next question:

So the Chinese government does not try to influence young politicians in the United States?

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Ossoff, who at this point was visibly annoyed, said that “Chinese intelligence operations in the United States are a grave threat to our national security, and that’s why it’s so concerning that we have a senator like David Perdue,” who “bragged under oath about how he spent most of his career outsourcing American jobs to China,” he concluded. “He operated factories in Shenzhen province in China in cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party and he should explain that on the record.”

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