Jon Meacham: If Trump is GOP Candidate, It Tells Us All We Need to Know About Republicans

Since he's entered the political arena, Donald Trump has had plenty of scandals that would have ended any other politicians career. But that hasn't happened to the former President. No matter what he does, it only seemingly serves to make Conservative voters like him more. 

Jon Meacham discussed Trump and his enduring power over the GOP during a segment on MSNBC Friday night. The historian claimed that the continued support for the former President tells us everything we have to know about Republican voters. 

"You have to follow the evidence," the historian said, "and the evidence leads us to a former President of the United States under serial criminal indictment, an unfolding crisis in trust in democratic institutions, lowercase d. And that former president using rhetoric that comes straight from the Third Reich as he mounts a campaign to be re-elected. Most polls show him to be firmly in control of one of the two major parties in the United States."

Meacham continued:

"I think we're in a real stress test for citizenship," he added. "One of the things you and I have talked about before, I don't think President Biden is on trial here, I think we are. I think the question is, what do we as American people, what are the choices that we want, and if Donald Trump is renominated by the Republican Party, that tells us pretty much everything we need to know about those Republican voters, seems to me