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Johnny Enlow Tacitly Admits to Being a Fraud: ‘I Don’t Have the Insight’ on Meshuga Prophecy He Gave Moments Earlier

Johnny Enlow Tacitly Admits to Being a Fraud: ‘I Don’t Have the Insight’ on Meshuga Prophecy He Gave Moments Earlier

Faux-prophet Johnny Enlow deserves some credit because he is never, ever afraid to make outrageously implausible predictions that are guaranteed to not come to fruition. Such was the case late last week when Enlow appeared on the Elijah Streams YouTube Channel and foretold of God executing – something – that would usher in Donald Trump’s return to the presidency over the July 4th holiday weekend.


But as prophecy so often goes, Enlow was cheap with the specifics. Because he sells fairy tales to people who think lawn jockeys are charming.

Host Steve Schultz was as captivated as ever with Enlow’s premonition big fail.

“You’re saying that God is decreeing from heaven on the 4th for us that it’s time for the Republican to come back in. I’m not hearing you predict a specific thing, right? You’re saying God’s decreeing something from heaven? Is that what I…” Schultz asked Enlow for clarification.

It never came.

“He’s making that declaration, and something’s gonna show up. As always, part of what I’ll explain on the prophetic on the tail end of this. This is a good time to do that. You know, in the prophetic, there’s so much – just like they were confused with what Jesus was saying – he’s actually in their midst, he’s Jesus, he doesn’t fail what he’s saying but they’re trying to process what exactly is going to happen, when, when? Is this later? And so, there, you know, I can’t, I can’t say exactly what that’s going to look like,” Enlow said.

Things became even more vexing when Enlow stumbled through a disjointed analogy that he spontaneously concocted between himself and Lazarus from the Bible.

“I believe something visible will happen on the 4th that lets us know – at least deserting people, oooooh – saying what Lazarus, when he’s, when he’s alive, he’s still in the cave. And so less people know about it at first, and that’s a possibility,” Enlow continued. “Then there’s, now take the clothes, the dead clothes off of him, and then let him go, and then it was progressive that all of a sudden there’s a buzz around there in the whole town, and then everybody knows Lazarus has come forth. And so however the Lord does that, I believe we’ll see something. I believe that this [???] will see something that happens on the 4th that tells us that this has in fact happened. And it may be, it may be spectacular. It may not be. I don’t have the insight on that.”

What we just witnessed was Enlow confessing to being a fraud.

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