Johnny Enlow: God Anointed Donald Trump to Destroy Bill Gates & George Soros

Right-wing false prophet and antisemite Johnny Enlow claimed on Monday that God has tasked former President Donald Trump with taking down influential billionaires Bill Gates, George Soros, and the infamous Rothschild family with the assistance of Biblical Archangels Gabriel, Micheal, and Zerachiel.


The antisemitic overtones embedded within Enlow’s remarks cannot be overlooked, given that Soros and the Rothschilds are Jewish.

“What’s so interesting is the word Rothschild means ‘red coat’ in Yiddish,” Enlow said on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel.

“Really?” replied host Steve Shultz.

Yeah, and they intentionally went after the big cities – Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris, London, one of the five main cities of Europe, and that’s how they took – they established banks,” Enlow said of the Rothschilds. They established central banks and that’s how they took control of nations.”

Enlow then confidently explained how it will all go down according to what God supposedly told him in private:

And so while people are looking at who’s in Biden’s seat, you know, the traditional presidential seat, well, like, how can you say, ‘Trump’s doing something when he’s not there?’ Believe me, that is not the power position, particularly the way it is right now in the nation.

He is – President Trump is on assignment and he’s anointed by God and the archangels are working with him. I’ll tell you Michael is working with – it’s not that he’s serving Trump, it’s the other way around, and Zerachiel and Gabriel – but what they are going after and what is being contended for and it’s just about done is the seats that we’re talking about, like the Soros and the Gates and the Rothschilds, those seats that really control and effect world dynamics. Those things are being taken care of behind the scenes, and it would have been harder for President Trump to do so staying seated in the other seat.

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