Johnny Enlow Equates Faith in Donald Trump to Faith in God and Jesus Christ

Welp, he finally went there. Right-wing “prophet” Johnny Enlow said on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel last Friday that supporters and worshipers of former President Donald Trump are God’s most “advanced and blessed” subjects and that those who reject the “Trump Test” will spend all of eternity burning in Hell.


“I call it the ‘Trump Test,’” Enlow told Steve Schultz, the easily-awestruck host. “It’s a biblical precedent that it’s not sufficient just to say, ‘Hey, I worship God, I’m totally sold out to God or to Jesus.’ There’s this thing going around the body of Christ – and there’s a good part of it, and there’s a bad part of it – ’Well, I’m so tired of everything. I just want it to be all about Jesus and all about God and devotion to Jesus, devotion about God.’ You won’t find the time in history where you didn’t have to also figure out who to be aligned and connected with this way,” he added while gesturing horizontally.

Continuin on, Enlow said that God would not have wasted time sending prophets to Earth if they were only going to be here spouting nonsense (such as declaring that an invisible man who is obsessed with how frequently people pleasure themselves is whispering to only them) and that God owes nobody no explanation.

And those who dissent will be severely punished, Enlow said, even though no actual evidence ever exists for any of it.

“This Trump test – it’s been clearer than ever, Ive been on your programs and such –

“If you go against God’s person that he’s using, his instrument,” Enlow explained, “even if you think you have 100 percent devotion to God, it’s going to cost you. … This is a line in the sand, this ‘Trump Test, it’s been clearer than ever, people I’ve interviewed, I’ve been on your programs and stuff. And who’s being advanced and blessed? Ministries that are advancing in blessing and who I see in increased anointing and who are seeing more – they’re seeing more favor, they’re seeing more revelatory – are people who didn’t back off Trump.”

More like people who profit off of enabling Trump’s narcissism, but here we are.

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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