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Johnny Enlow Asks God to Impose ‘Maximum Judgment’ on ‘Evil’ Anthony Fauci

Johnny Enlow Asks God to Impose ‘Maximum Judgment’ on ‘Evil’ Anthony Fauci

Johnny Enlow, the fake right-wing prophet who earlier this month said that there is no difference between having faith in former President Donald Trump and believing in God has called upon his imaginary deity to impose a “maximum judgment” on Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose unparalleled medical expertise has guided the American people through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“The sword will strike her wise counselors and they will become fools,” Enlow said, quoting Jeremiah 50:26 last Thursday on the Elijah Streams YouTube Channel, “and I wanna say that I put in my notes that directly applies to someone, a name already brought up. Fauci, an alleged wise counselor. He’s supposed to be the wisest counselor from the department – uh uh uh – he’s not CDC but he’s speaking for the WHO [which Enlow pronounced phonetically], the National Institutes of Health, and he is being proven to be an utmost fool, and so the [inaudible] counselors are being evidenced as total fools and that’s part of what the Lord is doing at this time.”

Fauci is the leading infectious disease expert in the United States and was one of only a handful of people who managed to mitigate Trump’s cataclysmic and homicidal indifference to the coronavirus.

Moving on, host Steve Schultz, with his mouth reliably agape in stupefied wonder, added his own take and it was bonkers even for him.

“We can apply the word wicked” to Fauci, said Schultz. “He only cares about himself and the money he’s earning and the depopulation – you described it and you just mentioned it in passing but there’s an agenda among the Deep State to depopulate the Earth for whatever reason. And so there are these that depopulate, whether it’s diseases or FDA cures that are held back or whatever. I dunno if you have anything to say about that.”

Spoiler alert: Enlow did.

“Well, just as it relates to Fauci – there’s no person – the level of evil is the highest I can imagine. He’s literally responsible for tens of thousands of deaths,” Enlow said. “It’s evil. If there is any person on the planet that should receive the maximum judgment, it is Fauci.”

Enlow did not present any evidence to support his accusations.

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