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Johnny Enlow Admits That Prophecy Is Total BS Because It Screws Up God’s Plans

Johnny Enlow Admits That Prophecy Is Total BS Because It Screws Up God’s Plans

Last week, self-proclaimed prophet Johnny Enlow accidentally admitted on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel that he is a fraud, confessing that he lacked the “insight” on a super-specific prophecy he delivered moments earlier. The collapse of his “credibility” was compounded on Monday when Enlow – flanked by his wife Elizabeth – shared that God had stopped speaking to him about former President Donald Trump’s imminent return to power, which has been Enlow’s most passionate prediction since Trump lost the election last November.


With host Steve Shultz glued to every word, Enlow explained that God had to cut him off as a conduit because it would spoil his divine plans.

“President Trump is still beside us and he still has unfinished business and we’ve done in-depth on that before and he still has the Isaiah 45 assignment to take down Babylon which for our purposes represents the deep state. It’s much more embedded and much wider root system than we possibly imagine maybe?” Enlow said with palpable uncertainty.

Then came an absolute mess of excuses as to why Enlow’s predictions are worthless.

“And so the timetable is driven by God. You know, there’s an aspect of, people ask why we don’t know. The prophetic doesn’t get those things cause there’s a whole lot of things that the Lord is not revealing. It’s not just cause they’re bad prophets – you don’t say things you don’t see. And once – the more you understand what’s going on, it would literally mess up strategy of how the Lord is doing it, you know?” Enlow said.

“If he’s using certain individuals in the world and certain leadership and certain militaries to do things and we’re telling all the secrets and timings it really, you know, we have heard that actually from will say from the other side even witches and warlocks are toeing – we’ll say deep staters – they’re not, they’re not hearing anything and so they are told to listen in on the prophetics, on the prophetic channels, on the prophets to hear what’s going on,” he added. “So the Lord’s not gonna give them anything that helps them know what to do, how to fight, how to stay in there longer.”

Well, isn’t that special.

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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