John Podesta Warns That Russians Are Gearing up to Interfere in 2020 Elections

John Podesta is intimately aware of the havoc Russians can wreak during election time. Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager had his emails stolen and leaked in the run up to the 2016 election.

Center for American Progress

Podesta recently appeared on the ABC News podcast to deliver a warning to the country. He believes Russia is ramping up for another election attack in 2020.

The former campaign manager recalled trying to combat the attacks prior to election day. “I think we were both pushing the argument that Russia was in fact interfering on his behalf. And we were on television. I did, you know, probably every Sunday show, making this argument,” Podesta said. He then noted,  “The Russians are…getting ready to do this again.”

Podesta also believes that Trump adviser Roger Stone is in big trouble and will be going to prison. Stone was charged with 7 crimes and arrested by the FBI at the end of January.

Of Stone, Podesta says, “I think the prosecutors have made a prima facie case for certainly against him. But I think he in the end of the day, he can he can strut and he can, you know, do his Nixon impressions. But, you know, maybe when the when the cell door clanks, he’ll feel a little bit more remorse.”

And of course, Podesta also believes that Donald Trump and his family were involved with the Russians. He closed the interview:

“When you step back and you look at the 101 contacts, the 28 meetings, the, you know, particularly the meeting in Trump Tower June, Donald Jr. saying and setting up that meeting and saying, you know, that this is great. I don’t think there’s any real question that people could conclude that there was no collusion. The question does it rise to a criminal conspiracy. And that’s something that only Mr. Mueller knows or I think it’s his job…to render a judgment about that.”

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