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John Oliver Explains Why Latest GOP “Clown” Candidates are Terrifying

John Oliver Explains Why Latest GOP “Clown” Candidates are Terrifying

Donald Trump changed the political scene in a number of different ways. One of the most consequential ways, though, was convincing anyone, no matter how unqualified, that they could win public office. Look at Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, for example.

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2022 will see more of these kinds of candidates running as Republicans. John Oliver spotlighted some of these hopefuls during his weekend show.

The HBO host first talked about Mark McCloskey, known for waving guns at protesters walking through his St. Louis neighborhood. The lawyer recently announced a run for the US Senate. “Quick sidenote,” Oliver said of McCloskey, “if there are nationwide protests against racism and your first response is ‘they’re coming for me,’ maybe think about what that says about you.”

The host then moved on to Andrew Giuliani. The son of the former disgraced New York City Mayor is attempting to be the next Governor of New York. Giuliani recently claimed that he had 35 years of political experience. “Do you think you look young, asked the host, because if I had to guess your age, I’d put you somewhere between unhealthy 45 and lying about an early retirement to avoid a sexual harassment suit becoming public.”


Oliver concluded:

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“These people look like clowns. They are clowns. But it’s important to remember that clowns, while funny, are also f*cking terrifying. And this week gave us another reminder that if you are not very careful you can wind up with a clown car full of them making incredibly important decisions about your life.”


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