John McCain’s Mother is Still Alive and Well, And Just as Amazing as Her Son

America lost a hero and a father last week when 81-year-old Senator John McCain passed away after a short battle with brain cancer.  There will be plenty of fame and fortune at his funeral, including former Presidents and colleagues of the much loved Senator.

One person who may stand out the most, however, is a woman who is credited with raising John McCain into the hero, statesman, and America icon that he had become.  Her name is Roberta McCain and she is John’s mother.  That’s right, John McCain’s mother is still alive and well, and as you can see in the video posted below by John McCain on her 106th birthday earlier this year, she still is an amazing woman.

Roberta McCain was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma in 1912. She married John S. McCain Jr in 1933 and went on to have three kids, John, Jean and Joe. She was a military wife for most of her life, and played a vital role in raising all three children.

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