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John McCain Would Be “Slapping Lindsey Graham Upside the Head” If Still Alive Says Joe Walsh

John McCain Would Be “Slapping Lindsey Graham Upside the Head” If Still Alive Says Joe Walsh

Former Arizona senator and presidential candidate, John McCain was seen as a principled man willing to cross party lines if he believed in a cause. McCain famously thwarted Donald Trump by voting against his effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

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The former Arizona senator was a close friend and a mentor to South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham. Despite his early resistance to Trump, Graham has mostly capitulated to most of the president’s whims. During a recent CNN Conference, former congressman and Republican presidential hopeful Joe Walsh claimed that McCain would be upset at what Graham has become.

The former Illinois congressman said that if McCain were still alive, “he’d be slapping Lindsey Graham upside the head.”

Walsh continued by saying, “Shame on Lindsey Graham. There are so many Republicans in the House and the Senate who have sold their soul to this President. Lindsey is just one of them.”

Fellow Republican candidate Mark Sanford was also a part of the CNN Conference. Sanford has worked closely with Graham in the part as he formerly served at the governor of the senator’s home state of South Carolina.

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Sanford also weighed in, “I think he’s been transparent in saying this is in essence the cost of admission for staying relevant and therefore I’m willing to pay the price.”

Graham has recently did disagree with Trump on his recent Syria decision. He did try to get back in Trump’s good graces on Thursday by introducing a senate resolution condemning the impeachment inquiry. The senator said, “I’m not here to tell you that Donald Trump has done nothing wrong,” but he wanted to insure that the process was fair.

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