John Hinckley Jr., Who Shot Ronald Reagan, Says He's a Victim of Cancel Culture

Over the last decade or so, Conservatives have constantly lamented the rise in what they call 'cancel culture.' According to them, cancel culture is what happens when they face the repercussions for their actions. People have decried cancel culture for various reasons, but this week's use of the term might take the cake. 

John Hinckley Jr. is notorious for attempting to kill Ronald Reagan back in 1981. Following the shooting, he was found not guilty by reason of insanity and would spend the next few decades in captivity before being released in 2016. 

While in treatment, Hinckley Jr. regularly wrote and recorded music. He posted the songs online and developed enough of a following to book musical performances. However, most venues have not allowed Hickley Jr. to play. 

He says of the situation, "I think that’s fair to say: I’m a victim of cancel culture. It keeps happening over and over again."

The would-be assassin then told the New York Post: 

"They book me and then the show gets announced and then the venue starts getting backlash. The owners always cave, they cancel. It’s happened so many times it’s kinda what I expect… I don’t really get upset."

You can read the full interview here, courtesy of the New York Post.