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John Dean: It’s An ‘Honor’ To Be On Trump’s ‘Enemies List’

John Dean: It’s An ‘Honor’ To Be On Trump’s ‘Enemies List’

One of the more bizarre things to be revealed from the Watergate investigation was the creation of an enemies list by former President Richard Nixon.

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His former White House counsel, John Dean, revealed the existence of said list during Congressional hearings in the 1970s, according to the Washington Post. Now, more than four decades later, Dean says it’s a tremendous badge of honor to be included among the current president’s list of people he hates.

The existence or non-existence of an “enemies list” held by President Donald Trump is somewhat unknown at this point, but it might not matter all that much: Trump makes his enemies known quite publicly, either through a verbal statement or by proclamation via tweet. Either way, it’s pretty clear that Dean has a special place on Trump’s list, at least given what the president said about him this week.


Trump took to Twitter to name-call Dean earlier this week as well, calling him a “sleazebag” and a “disgrace.”

Dean, in speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday night, took it all in, per reporting from IJR.

“I’m honored to be on his enemies list. I was able to make Nixon’s at the end so I’m pleased I’m on Trump’s given my feelings about the threat he is to this country,” Dean said.

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Dean also told Cooper that he was well aware of and expected attacks from Republican lawmakers during his testimony. During Tuesday’s hearing, GOP members of Congress went after Dean, accusing him of trying to profit off his expertise of knowing what a corrupt president looks like by describing Trump as similar to Nixon.

Dean knew what to expect, he said, because it seems to be their modus operandi to attack others during such events.

“I know the players, I’ve watched them before,” Dean said. “I’ve watched them badger Hillary Clinton, they’re all flame throwers.”

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