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John Bolton Says Woodward Interview Could Be Point Where Trump Campaign Ends

John Bolton Says Woodward Interview Could Be Point Where Trump Campaign Ends

John Bolton has a pretty good insight on how Donald Trump has behaved during his presidency. The Republican consultant served as the President’s National Security Adviser for a little over a year. That assignment ended badly. Bolton was fired and later wrote a book about his experience in the Trump White House.

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The one-time Ambassador to the United Nations appeared on Cuomo Prime Time last night to discuss the President. When the subject turned the leak of Trump’s interviews with Bob Woodward, Bolton said that this could be the point where the campaign ends.

Bolton began by telling host Chris Cuomo, “What the Woodward book does is make it much more serious. Because if [Trump] did know and he did it anyway, you simply can’t reconcile that with the qualities and the character you need in a president of the United States.”

The former Trump staffer continued, “It is striking how clear he is on these tapes to Woodward of his appreciation for how dangerous the coronavirus was compared to what he was saying publicly at the time. And that coming out of his own mouth, I think this could be nearly the point where the campaign ends.”

Bolton closed his comments, “The American people are not children, they’re adults. And the way a leader reacts is you tell them the truth. If you don’t think the American people can take the truth, you’re saying we’ve got a very serious problem with our system of government.”

Watch a clip from the interview below, courtesy of CNN:

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