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John Bolton Mocks Trump’s Putin Comments, Says He’s ‘Not Capable’ of Being a Statesman

John Bolton Mocks Trump’s Putin Comments, Says He’s ‘Not Capable’ of Being a Statesman

Donald Trump has regularly criticized Joe Biden over the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine. If he was still in charge, the former President claims, this wouldn’t have been happening. Despite Trump’s obvious resistance to criticizing Vladimir Putin, he claims that he would have been tough on the Russian President.

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During a recent interview with the Palm Beach Post, John Bolton was asked about the claims of the 45th President. According to his former National Security adviser, Trump wasn’t capable of doing anything about Putin.

When asked if Trump could have acted as a Statesman if he were to receive a second term Bolton responded, “He’s not capable of it. This would require thinking through a policy and considering the pluses and minuses, the risks and costs involved. That’s just not what he does.”

On Trump’s relationship with Volodmyr Zelensky, Bolton commented, “You never can tell with Trump. His relationship with the truth is very tenuous and whether he believes it [accusations against Hunter Biden] as a matter of fact, or whether he was using it for his own political purposes, I don’t really know it was.”

And finally, on the topic of Trump and NATO, the former NSA remarked, “He was very negative on the institution,” Bolton said. “I don’t think Trump was pressing [the defense spending increase] to strengthen NATO, which is what the rest of us who supported him wanted. I think it was because he didn’t feel they would, and that would give him further excuse to withdraw.”

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