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John Bolton Calls the President Unfit, Trump Responds by Calling His Former NSA Dumb

John Bolton Calls the President Unfit, Trump Responds by Calling His Former NSA Dumb

Once a member of his administration leaves the White House, they frequently have nothing nice to say about Donald Trump. This is certainly the case with John Bolton. Bolton, who served as the president’s national security adviser, even wrote a book about the chaos of the Trump White House.

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During the impeachment hearings, Bolton refused to testify against Trump without a subpoena. But since his book has come out, he’s been more than happy to air his grievances on cable news. And after Bolton ripped Trump as unfit, the president responded on Twitter by calling his former NSA, “one of the dumbest people in Washington.”

During a recent CNN interview, Bolton was asked about former Trump adviser Michael Flynn calling for martial law in an effort to overturn the election. He responded, “There’s no other way to describe it. It’s unbelievable [and] almost certainly without precedent, but it’s important to understand this is just another day at the office, at the Oval. He’s unfit for the job. I don’t think he’s ever read the Constitution, if he has, he clearly didn’t understand it, and if he did understand it one point, he’s forgotten it.”

As usual, it didn’t take long for Trump to respond to the slight. He took to Twitter, writing, “What would Bolton, one of the dumbest people in Washington, know? Wasn’t he the person who so stupidly said, on television, “Libyan solution”, when describing what the U.S. was going to do for North Korea? I’ve got plenty of other Bolton stupid stories.”

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