John Boehner: “Trump Got Tired Of Me Telling Him To Shut Up”

Former Representative John Boehner is releasing his memoir, and some of the advance quotes about his colleagues are harsh and severe. When talking about Donald Trump, however, Boehner claims that he spent the former president’s term boldly speaking up — to such a degree that Trump stopped contacting him.

John Boehner says he often told Donald Trump to shut up
[Photo by Alex Edelman/Getty Images]

Punchbowl News founder Jake Sherman released an advance peek at the back cover of Boehner’s book. It features a number of quotes from the content, including remarks about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden, as well as Senator Ted Cruz and former President Donald Trump.

Boehner, a Republican himself, seems to describe Pelosi and Biden in terms of, respectively, brutal power and hard work. Pelosi is described as (proverbially) ‘eviscerating’ some unnamed person before relaxing with a cup of coffee, and Biden as “pounding away in the heat.” Former President Barack Obama, too, is described as having given a (presumably proverbial) “sucker punch.”

Republican colleagues, at least those mentioned on the cover, don’t come off as well. Senator Ted Cruz is described as a “reckless a**hole who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else.”

It’s Trump, however, who might take the hardest blow. Boehner says that the former president used to call him often, “for advice or conversation.” His calls began to taper off though, and Boehner attributes that to Trump getting tired of the former House Speaker telling him to shut up.

This criticism isn’t unprecedented. Even in 2017, Politico reported that Boehner had called Trump’s presidency a “complete disaster,” and specifically attacked Trump for failures on health care and tax reform.

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