Joe Walsh: Jim Jordan Has Been Stammering Because He Knows What Trump Told Him on 1/6

Jim Jordan normally presents himself as a pretty confident guy. The Ohio congressman has frequently made a spectacle of congressional hearings with his pro-Trump aggression.

But recently, Jordan has stumbled when he’s been asked questions about his communications with Donald Trump during the January insurrection. According to former Republican Rep. Joe Walsh, the stammering is because Jordan knows exactly what he talked about with Trump on that day.

Walsh told CNN’s New Day:

“I know Jim Jordan. Jim Jordan knows exactly when he spoke to Donald Trump on January 6th and he knows exactly what Donald Trump said to him. Jim Jordan doesn’t stammer like that. I’ve rarely seen Jim Jordan stammer like that … this is why it’s so important that Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy and Mark Meadows and all of these guys get subpoenaed and get their butts in front of that select committee.”

Host Brianna Keilar asked Walsh if he thinks Jordan and McCarthy would actually answer questions. The former GOP lawmaker responded, “No. I don’t think they’ll show or adhere to a subpoena, but they should still be issued and delivered those subpoenas. The most important things we need to find out are how and why did January 6th happen? Trump incited it. But then Trump’s behavior that day we know from reports that he sat in front of the TV and cheered on these supporters. He was speaking to Jordan and he was speaking to McCarthy multiple times that day.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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