Joe Tacopina Explains Why He Left Donald Trump's Legal Team [VIDEO]

The people who represent Donald Trump in court never remain on his team very long. The former President is incredibly difficult to defend as he often ignores legal advice and barrels ahead with his long list of grievances. 

Joe Tacopina, who has been representing Trump, became the latest lawyer to leave his side this week. The lawyer appeared on MSNBC this weekend to talk to Al Sharpton about why he doesn't work with Trump anymore. 

"I left the team because it was just my time,” Tacopina explained. “I had to follow my compass, and my compass told me it was my time."

The lawyer also discussed why he didn't feel it was appropriate to criticize his former client, saying:

"While I see many lawyers, ex-lawyers of the president go on television once they’re removed from the team, or leave the team and discuss him, and his legal, team and have something to say, and criticize everyone around, it’s not professional. It’s petty. And it’s it’s it shows a lack of confidence in oneself when you go out there and do that."

Tacopina also demured when Sharpton asked, "Obviously some things happened that your compass went a different way than where your compass was when you went in. And you’re dealing with probably the most unhinged defendant of all-time. Some lawyers say that you never wanted him to take the stand. You know the kind of person he is. I’m not asking you to be specific, but is it your moral compass?"