Joe Scarborough: “You Have to Be a Moron” to Listen to This GOP Rep.

Jim Jordan, Anthony Fauci and Maxine Waters were all involved in a testy exchange during a Thursday congressional hearing. Recapping that exchange, Joe Scarborough claimed that someone would have to be a moron to listen to Jordan.

Photo by Jacquelyn Martin – Pool/Getty Images

The bombastic Rep. from Ohio made the hearing about himself and his grievances. At one point, Fauci even accused Jordan of making the hearing personal. And Waters ended the exchange by telling the Republican to “shut your mouth.”

After playing a clip of the exchange, Scarbrough began, “They’re trying to attack the messenger, who has been warning them, while they’ve been lying through their teeth to the American people, who has been warning that a lot of people could die. And a year ago, they kept saying, open things up, everything’s fine, what is this? No worse than the flu. No worse — over 550,000 people are dead. And the lies continue. The scapegoating still continues.”

The MSNBC host then went in on Jordan:

“You have to be a moron to believe it, but there are, I guess, a lot of morons out there. [There is something called] plandemmic, where they get somebody to come in just makes things up whole cloth, suggesting he killed people during the AIDS epidemic. It’s all filled with lies, and yet people are stupid enough to believe it. And so, Jim Jordan peddles those lies. And peddles the suggest that Anthony Fauci somehow is the problem instead of a coronavirus that’s spread across America and killed 550,000 people.”

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