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Joe Scarborough: Why Isn’t ‘Seditionist’ Josh Hawley in Jail? [VIDEO]

Joe Scarborough: Why Isn’t ‘Seditionist’ Josh Hawley in Jail? [VIDEO]

Josh Hawley says Facebook has monopoly

A few days after the January 6th insurrection, Donald Trump went down to Florida. The former president is still loud, but without the power of the White House and his social media feeds, he is largely neutered.

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The GOP lawmakers who aided Trump in his election fight have essentially been unpunished. And that doesn’t sit wll with Joe Scarborough. During his Friday morning show, he wondered why Missouri senator Josh Hawley wasn’t in jail.

The Morning Joe host began, “I understand there are a lot of Trumpists that don’t like to hear this. I had some clown call me a couple days ago, like, ‘I can’t believe that you still say they bashed cops’ heads.’ Guess what they did? They took American flags, the flags that we care about so much, flags that Americans salute, the flags that supposedly Trump and his allies are so offended by when people kneel when the American flag goes up. I understand that, I understand — it doesn’t seem right to people. But this flag that you love so much was used to bash in the heads of law enforcement officers. It’s on videotape, you can’t get away from it, you can’t lie.”

Scarborough continued:

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“Josh Hawley can’t escape what he did on Jan. 6, that he provided aide and comfort and guidance to the people who were trying to hang Mike Pence, the people who were trying to find the speaker of the House and beat and kill her. Those people right there that were beating up the cops, bashing them with American flags. He can’t escape that, so yeah, Joshy boy, you’re shocked that somebody else that wasn’t a seditionist wasn’t trying to overturn an American election is sitting in the Senate? I think you got that backwards. We’re all shocked that you’re there. We’re all shocked that you’re not in jail, because you should be in jail.”

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