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Joe Scarborough: Trump Seems To be Realizing the GOP is Done With Him [VIDEO]

Joe Scarborough: Trump Seems To be Realizing the GOP is Done With Him [VIDEO]

The marriage between Donald Trump and the GOP was always one of convenience. While Trump isn’t really a Republican, the party offered him the power he craved. And Trump was a useful idiot for the GOP, pushing culture war issues and nominating Conservative judges.

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The 45th president is less useful to the GOP these days. And the party is seemingly moving on without him. On his Thursday show, Joe Scarborough explained how Trump is just starting to realize this.

The Morning Joe began, “The Republican Party, something is happening. You see these polls that show now only [36] percent first identify as Trump supporters, 55 percent, 56 percent say they’re Republicans first. That’s a huge change.”

Scarborough continued:

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“You had [Sen.] Ron Johnson (R-WI) say, ‘Oh, I wasn’t concerned at all,’ while they were beating the hell out of officers with flags. Now you — the guy with bone structure like a bird, who is the guy? [Sen. Josh Hawley] has bone structure like a bird, it is very delicate, very delicate. Anyway, I’m so glad people can answer that question. But anyway, what’s happening with the Republican Party? There seems to be a shift and I think Trump is sensing it.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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