Joe Scarborough Thinks Donald Trump is Too Lazy to Start a TV Network

There has always been smoke around the idea that Donald Trump would like to start a television network. In fact, many believe the president only got involved in the 2016 Republican primary to trigger interest in the idea. Then the improbable happened and Trump became president.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Now that Joe Biden has won the 2020 election, Trump will again be looking for a job come January. And speculation has run rampant that he will start a media company. Joe Scarborough doesn’t buy that idea, though. On Sunday the MSNBC host said that Trump is way too lazy to actually start a television network.

The Morning Joe host made the comments while appearing with MSNBC host Alex Witt. The former congressman, who was at one time friends with the president, described Trump as some who, “works hard enough to just survive the next ten minutes.”

Scarborough continued:

“So when people start talking about 2024, you have to laugh if you know Donald Trump. There’s always a different angle. Maybe he thinks this helps him out if for some reason he decides he has to have a plea agreement with prosecutors, that maybe he’ll agree to not ever run for public office again if they drop charges against him. I think that’s what’s first and foremost in his mind. This is a guy who’s not going to most likely to start a news network or TV network or team up with anyone else, because that’s too much work. He wants cheap and easy money, and he wants to stay out of the courtroom and stay out of jail, so all this talk about 2024 is really just noise.”

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