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Joe Scarborough: The Supreme Court Embarrassed Itself With Texas Abortion Ruling [VIDEO]

Joe Scarborough: The Supreme Court Embarrassed Itself With Texas Abortion Ruling [VIDEO]

When Donald Trump was president, he thrilled mainstream Republicans by installing 3 Conservatives on the Supreme Court. When going through their nominations processes, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett claimed they wouldn’t be doing anything drastic.

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But after just a few months in the majority, the Supreme Court has essentially banned abortions in the state of Texas. During his Monday show, Joe Scarborough blasted these justices for “damaging the law.”

The Morning Joe host began:

Another institution damaged by the law is the Supreme Court. I still can’t believe this. They willingly went along with the GOP’s ploy to strip Americans of a constitutional rights that 74 percent of Americans support, a constitutional right that’s been recognized by the Supreme Court for 50 years, and they did so based purely on procedural grounds. Now in so doing, the five conservatives on the court — I don’t call that conservative but they call themselves conservative — the five conservatives on the court, like the Texas legislature, were too clever by half.”

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Scarborough continued, “It’s a mess. I’m not sure what they thought they were going to do with that ruling, but it’s going to be short-lived and create constitutional chaos, and unfortunately I think this may be the most damaging legacy of the case, and it’s going to encourage extremists possibly on both ends of the spectrum to attack rights in state legislatures. The Supreme Court, they’ve embarrassed themselves with a bad decision that sets a dangerous precedent and is bad for all Americans.”

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