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Joe Scarborough Spars With Dana Loesch Over Twitter

Joe Scarborough Spars With Dana Loesch Over Twitter

Not much has been heard of from Dana Loesch since NRA TV was taken off the air in late June. When mass shootings occur, however, the former television host normally appears to argue over Twitter.

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And Loesch appeared almost immediately after the El Paso and Dayton shootings to argue on social media about gun control. On Sunday afternoon, she got into a spat with Joe Scarborough who accused her of calling for violence against his wife, Mika Brzezinski.

The former NRA TV host claimed that tweeters calling out the NRA were inciting mob violence against her. This included multiple personalities like David Korn, Pam Kieth and Charles Pierce.

Loesch tweeted about Pierce, “Another verified account calling me a murderer. The death threats you all are helping to incite are just awesome. Good job pretending to denounce violence with this hideous behavior.”

After this message, Scarborough tweeted to Loesch, “You have a lot of nerve, inciting violence against my wife and me in an NRATV ad. Looking to camera after rolling one inflammatory clip after another and then ominously telling us, “Your time is running out.” Seriously? You are shameless.”

The MSNBC pundit continued, “And you do that to a lifetime supporter of 2nd Amendment rights for calling for increased background checks—a position 85% of Americans support.”

Loesch furiously responded to Scarborough’s claims, writing, “This is a shameful lie, Joe and you have a lot of nerve with this malicious misrepresentation. It was literally an ad that featured a countdown to a special on media bias.”

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