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Joe Scarborough: Ron Johnson Is “Incredibly Stupid” and Not Worthy To Be A United States senator.

Joe Scarborough: Ron Johnson Is “Incredibly Stupid” and Not Worthy To Be A United States senator.

Only 7 GOP senators were willing to vote to convict Donald Trump. Of the remaining GOPer’s, most were willing to admit Trump was wrong, but they didn’t think the trial was constitutional.

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Then there were Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Ron Johnson who were unwilling to admit that Trump did anything wrong. Johnson went on multiple radio stations yesterday, downplaying the attack on the Capitol. Those words, says Joe Scarborough, make Johnson unfit to be a United States senator.

The Morning Joe host began, “Is that the game plan? Is that where they end up after this is all over? Pretending this did not happen? We have the video of police officers being beaten — some within inches of their lives. Beaten with an American Flag. We have the stories of the law enforcement officers lying on the ground while Trump terrorists were beating them and then thinking to themselves that they had four children and wondering if they would ever see their children again.”

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Scarborough continued, “This is a mob that just may have just killed Ron Johnson or any member of the House or Senate they saw that day. So I just wonder, as there are Republicans feverishly trying to reframe the political party, Mika, I’m just wondering if Mitch McConnell’s vision of the Republican Party moving forward is Ron Johnson’s vision of the Republican Party? Because you can use Mitch McConnell’s own words against Ron Johnson and prove that Ron Johnson is lying to the people of America. Ron Johnson is not worthy to be a United States senator.”

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