Joe Scarborough: Facebook is Addictive and Needs to be Regulated Like Tobacco

When Facebook first appeared on the scene, many were delighted. The social media site was a way for friends to connect, share pictures and stories.

Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

But overtime, the site became something much more sinister. A large number of people began to get their news from the site, with much of it being completely unregulated. Fake news stories on the site were partially credited with Donald Trump being elected in 2016.

Last night, a Facebook whistleblower appeared on 60 Minutes. She explained how the site’s algorithms aren’t doing a good enough job of preventing false information. During his Monday show, Joe Scarborough called for the site to be regulated like tobacco companies.

The Morning Joe host opined, “talking about the radical, reckless experience with our teenage girls because of Instagram, because of what Facebook was doing, and talking suicidal ideations, depressions, and anxiety. You go to any college; they’ll tell you that’s a problem they have. You go to any high school counselors, and the same with middle school. This is not hard. I will go back to smoking in the 1950s. Nobody is surprised.”

Axios host Jonathan Swan jumped in, “You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this out. These products were designed to be addictive; they were designed to generate outrage. You can see it. You look at the top people who are getting the top things; it’s like Dan Bongino and people who are revving people up and throwing red meat, that’s what they reward, and that has been their model all along.”


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