Joe Scarborough: Angry Democrats Are Yelling At Me In The Streets

During his Tuesday morning show, Joe Scarborough said that he is being yelled at in the street by Democrats who are angry that he discussed Joe Biden stepping down on air. 

The day after Joe Biden's disastrous debate performance, the Morning Joe host noted that it is time for Joe Biden to have a serious talk with his family about dropping out of the 2024 race. Biden has seemingly decided to push forward with his campaign despite a major drop in the polls and multiple lawmakers calling on him to step down. 

Scarborough relayed today, "I was, last week, … I was driving, car windows down. I had Democrats yell, 'Hey! Take it easy on Biden, Joe!' You look on Twitter, which has been a hotbed of angry, far-right reactionaryism over the past five years. It’s changed man! There are some angry Democrats out there! I was just thinking about the House members, what are they hearing from their constituents? Chances are good they’ve got a lot of pissed-off constituents saying be loyal to the President of the United States."

The Morning Joe host continued, "People say, "Get out of the race, you're terrible at this, you're too old, you're out of it, you can't win. How many times have we heard Joe Biden can't win, he's going to have to step aside after '22. Again, people out there saying, you know, because I know, I get the emails. I'm just stating facts here. I'm not saying what ought to be. I'm saying what is."