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Joe Rogan Wrongly Predicts Vaccine Passports Will Lead to a Social Credit System

Joe Rogan Wrongly Predicts Vaccine Passports Will Lead to a Social Credit System

Anti-vax podcaster Joe Rogan said on Thursday’s edition of The Joe Rogan Experience that COVID-19 vaccine passports will inevitably turn the United States into China and its controversial social credit system. No such program has ever been seriously proposed by anybody in the US, nor would it be likely to withstand constitutional muster if it were tried. Vaccine mandates, on the other hand, have already been determined by the Supreme Court to be constitutional.

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It bears noting, however, that China has officially recorded 4,636 coronavirus deaths since the onset of the pandemic – amounting to 0.6 percent of the estimated 702,756 American lives that have been extinguished by the virus – per data from Worldometer.info’s COVID Tracker.

Speaking with Valuetainment founder Patrick Bet-David, whose net worth is approximately $150 million, Rogan belittled President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for getting inoculated because they once briefly expressed doubts about the vaccine’s efficacy due to its origins in former President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed initiative.

Science has since proven that COVID-19 vaccines really do work.

But first, Rogan mocked responsible citizens who have chosen to do the right thing by getting vaccinated.

Rogan: “It’s like where people are saying, the people that have, that have been vaccinated that want a vaccine passport, ‘yes, we should have a vaccine passport. I’ve been vaccinated. It’s only gonna help me. I did my part. I took one for the team and I went out and got vaccinated to be a good citizen. Those people who didn’t? F*ck them. We should have a vaccine passport.’ But here’s the problem with it, the vaccine passport. It doesn’t end there. It’s going to keep going, and it’s going to lead to some sort of a social system. You’re going to have a social credit system similar to what they have in China.”

Bet-David: “You think it’ll happen in our lifetime?”

Rogan: “100 percent.”

Bet-David: “You’re saying 100 percent?”

Rogan: “100 percent, it can happen in our lifetime.”

Bet-David: “Are you okay with that?”

Rogan: “No. It 100 percent can happen in our lifetime. Because people will step with it. They will as long as it benefits them, and as long as it aligns with their ideology, they will ignore the dangers of a social credit system, and they will embrace it. If – I would never thought people would be – look six months ago the White House was saying there’s no way we would ever use some sort of a vaccine mandate. There’s no way.”

Bet-David: “Kamala said I would never take the vaccine that Trump’s going to…”

Rogan: “So did Biden.”

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Bet-David: “Both of them said that. Yeah.”

Rogan: “Yeah, they both did. But then once they got into office six months ago, they said we would never use a mandate. We would never try to force businesses or people to be vaccinated. Now they are saying that. Now they want you to do that.”

The Biden Administration also did not anticipate that tens of millions of Americans would refuse to get their shots due to the nonstop peddling of misinformation, propaganda, and pseudoscience by right-wing bullsh*t artists.

Watch below courtesy of Media Matters for America:

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