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Joe Biden’s Eulogy: ‘I’m a Democrat. And I love John McCain’

Joe Biden’s Eulogy: ‘I’m a Democrat. And I love John McCain’

Today at the memorial service of former Senator John McCain, former Vice President Joe Biden gave a heartfelt eulogy in honor of his good friend.

Biden started off his eulogy by saying, “My name’s Joe Biden. “I’m a Democrat. “And I love John McCain.”

He then continued by speaking about his years of friendship with this colleague from across the isle.  He complimented McCain for his loyalty, for his tremendous bond with his family, and his great love for America.

“I’ve also thought of John as a brother,” Biden continued, explaining how close the two men were.  “I have had the dubious honor over the years of giving some eulogies for fine women and men that I admired, but this one is hard.”

The political landscape in America has been divisive, to say the least, over the past couple of years, but the bond shared between Biden and McCain shows that people from differing sides of the political spectrum can be best of friends.

“[He] was neither selfish or self-serving,” Biden explained.  “John understood that America, first and foremost was an idea….. organized around, not tribe, but ideals… Whenever I was in trouble, John was the first guy there.”

Biden and McCain’s friendship goes way back to the 1970s when Biden had a strong desire to meet McCain who had been an American war hero.  From there, their friendship has grown over the years as both politicians have tried to ease divisiveness between parties for the good of America.


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