Joe Biden Pledges to Trust in Science to Combat COVID-19

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Friday said that he would shut down the country to prevent mass death if the coronavirus pandemic is still raging if and when he takes office.

Image Credit: @ABC/Twitter

“You’re sworn in come January, and we have the coronavirus and the flu combining, which many scientists have said is a real possibilty, would you be prepared to shut this country down again?” ABC‘s David Muir asked Biden.

“I would do whatever it takes to save lives because cannot get the country moving until we control the virus,” the former vice president replied. “That is the fundamental flaw in this administration’s thinking to begin with.”

More than 175,000 Americans have succumbed to COVID-19 since March. President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers, governors being among them, have pushed to reopen state economies, causing the pathogen to spread like wildfire.

This is obviously the wrong approach, Biden said.

“In order to keep the country running and moving and the economy growing and people employed,” Biden added, “you have to fix the virus. You have to deal with the virus.”

And “if the scientists say, ‘shut it down?'” Muir asked.

“I would shut it down,” Biden declared. “I would listen to the scientists.”

Trump has long downplayed the severity of the public health emergency, from insisting it is a hoax to callously sloughing off the scores of lives lost.

“It is what it is,” Trump said of the casualty total in a recent Axios interview.

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