Joe Biden is Working on Flipping White Evangelical Voters

In 2016, Donald Trump had an iron grip on white Evangelical Christian voters. He promised that he would protect the things that are important for them and they came out for him in droves. Trump won Evangelicals over Hillary Clinton by a margin of 65%.

Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

When the margin is that big, however, it means there is opportunity for Democrats to win over some of these voters. And according to The Hill, Joe Biden is courting Evangelicals in 2020.

The former Vice President certainly doesn’t expect to win a majority of these voters. But even by taking a small percentage away from the President could make a big difference.

And while Trump remains popular with these voters, there are some cracks in his armor. Since the pandemic began, the President’s approval among Evangelicals has fallen from 78% to 72%.

The Democratic National Convention will feature a Interfaith Service on August 16th. This will be aimed at voters of all faiths.

Josh Dickson is the Biden campaign’s National faith engagement director. “Our argument is that Joe Biden’s vision for America very much resonates with these values of loving your neighbor, of caring for the poor and vulnerable, of fighting systems of oppression, of sweeping down walls of injustice,” said Dickson.

The Biden staffer continued, “I think he has a level of trust with people because he’s authentic about that.”




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