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Joe Biden Eviscerates Donald Trump for Claiming Coronavirus Numbers Are Fake

Joe Biden Eviscerates Donald Trump for Claiming Coronavirus Numbers Are Fake

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden tore into President Donald Trump for claiming that doctors across the country are lying about the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed 225,000 American lives and infected nearly nine million people.

“Donald Trump said the COVID count wasn’t really going up, that it was leveling out. He suggested that doctors were inflating the numbers because doctors get more money. What in the hell is the matter with this man?” Biden said during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania on Monday afternoon.

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Both candidates are pouring enormous resources into the Keystone State. Trump narrowly won its 20 Electoral College votes in 2016 over Democrat Hillary Clinton and is hoping to do so again this year. Biden, a Delaware native with enormous popularity in the state, is hoping to turn it blue once again. Pennsylvania is one of a dozen swing states that could determine the winner of the election.

“A thousand doctors and nurses have given their lives trying to save lives — and he’s saying the reason that they are talking about testing is that they want to make more money. Mr. President, more than 1,000 health care workers have lost their lives fighting Covid — doctors, nurses — they’re not profiting. They’re dying,” an empassioned Biden charged. “And remember, during the debate, if you want to call it that, during the debate Trump said that ‘we’re learning to live with’ this COVID.”

Trump, Biden continued, “is asking us to learn to die with it. This has got to end. We can in fact end this crisis.”

Biden placed the onus on Trump to work with Congress, which has stalled on enacting legislation for additional financial relief for struggling Americans. The Democratic-led House passed the HEROES Act back in May, but Republican obstinance and refusal to negotiate with Democrats has left the economy in shambles.

“If he’d only get together with the House and Senate, work out a compromise on the spending bills that are out there, in order to be able to safely open our schools. It’ll cost $200 billion to do it, but it’s worth doing it. We should do it. We can lower class sizes, more teachers, ventilation, PPP, masks, gloves, sanitation,” the former vice president said.

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Biden also stressed the need for “businesses to be able to be open if provide the same kinda help which we said we would do. So much more to do. Testing, tracing – we should be pouring billions of dollars into determining how we get rapid testing so you know within hours whether or not the testing is negative or positive – many places you have to wait up to six or seven days.”

Trump “is not doing what needs to be done,” Biden said.

“And look folks, I promise you this. I’m never gonna give up. You know, Mister President,” Biden directed at Trump, “you have to have a little bit of shame, just a little bit of shame because people are dying.”

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