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Joe Biden Endorses Filibuster Reform

Joe Biden Endorses Filibuster Reform

President Joe Biden threw his weight behind reforming the filibuster, which Republicans in the United States Senate have repeatedly and unscrupulously abused for years.

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“Aren’t you going to have to choose between preserving the filibuster, and advancing your agenda?” Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos asked Biden.

“Yes, but here’s the choice: I don’t think that you have to eliminate the filibuster, you have to do it what it used to be when I first got to the Senate back in the old days when you used to be around there, and that is, that a filibuster – you had to stand up and command the floor, and you had to keep talking alone. You couldn’t call for, you know, say, no one could quorum call. Once you stopped talking, you lost that, and someone could move in and say, ‘I move the question of.’ So you gotta work for the filibuster,” the president said.

“So you’re for that reform? You’re for bringing back the talking filibuster?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“I am. That’s what it was supposed to be,” Biden said. “Look, I think, don’t hold me to the numbers, George, but I think between 1960 and 2000 – I’m making this number up, I don’t know – there were like, you know, 50 filibusters. Now there are like 200 since then. So the idea… it’s getting to the point where, you know, democracy is having a hard time functioning, a hard time functioning,” Biden told Stephanopoulos. “And so, look, I’m not saying this is gonna be easy, George, but I do believe there are enough Republicans over time who are gonna have…”

Stephanopoulos noted that the GOP “has not had that epiphany you said you were gonna see in the campaign.”

But Biden said that he has “only been here six weeks. Give me a break,” he quipped.

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“I’ve been here six weeks. I think the epiphany’s gonna come between now and 2022. Seventy-eight percent of the people say they support this program, 52 percent of Republicans,” Biden continued, referring to the American Recovery Plan Act of 2021. “Let’s assume it’s off by 15 percent. You’re gonna go home and campaign – Republican voters want that $1500 because they’re in trouble. Republican voters want to be able to choose between being able to go to work and sending their kid to a daycare they can afford. Republican voters wanna be able to take care of a child care tax credit. I mean – it’s not like every Republican voter is a billionaire. By the way, I’m not saying it’ll happen again, but I won the Republican voters of suburbia.”

Watch below via ABC News:

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