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Joe Biden Calls Donald Trump’s Refusal to Concede ‘Embarrassing’

Joe Biden Calls Donald Trump’s Refusal to Concede ‘Embarrassing’

President-Elect Joe Biden tore into President Donald Trump on Tuesday for refusing to concede the election, telling reporters at a press conference that Trump’s obstinance is “embarrassing” for the country.

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“I just think it’s an embarrassment, quite frankly,” the president-elect said in Wilmington, Delaware. “The only thing that, how can I say this tactfully, I think it will not help the president’s legacy. I think that I know from my discussions with foreign leaders thus far that they are hopeful that the United States’ democratic institutions are viewed once again as strong and enduring.”

Biden was projected to be the winner of the 2020 presidenial election on Saturday after he secured victories in the battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, bring his Electoral College vote total to 306.

Biden also holds a commanding lead in the national popular vote, and both candidates set new voter turnout records with nearly 150 million ballots having being cast in last week’s contest.

Biden said that while he empathizes with the “sense of loss” felt by Trump’s supporters, he has faith that the American people will “come together” so the nation can heal from the trauma wrought by Trump’s toxic politics.

“I think at the end of the day, you know, it’s all going to come to fruition on January 20, and between now and then, my hope and expectation is that the American people do know and do understand that there has been a transition. Even among Republicans, who are people who voted for the president, I understand the sense of loss. I get that,” said Biden.

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“But I think the majority of the people who voted for the president, a lot voted for him – a significantly smaller number but a lot voted for him – I think they undersand that we have to come together,” the former vice president continued. “I think they’re ready to unite and I believe we can pull the country out of these bitter politics we’ve seen for the last five, six, seven years.”

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