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Joe Biden Blasts QAnon: They Are ‘Bizarre’ and ‘Embarrassing’ and Should ‘Seek Mental Health Treatment’

Joe Biden Blasts QAnon: They Are ‘Bizarre’ and ‘Embarrassing’ and Should ‘Seek Mental Health Treatment’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden tore into QAnon, an antisemitic right-wing conspiracy group, during a campaign stop in Wilmington, Delaware Friday afternoon.

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In his address, Biden swiped at QAnon dogmatists to take advantage of the vast mental health resources offered through the The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, colloquially known as Obamacare, which Biden championed during his two terms as vice president.

“I’ve been a big supporter of mental health,” Biden quipped. “I’d recommend the people who believe it maybe should take advantage, while it still exists, of the Affordable Care Act.”

Members of the QAnon cult have been brainwashed into believing that a global cabal of powerful pedophiles – from politicians to celebrities to Jews – are running child sex-trafficking rings and kanoodling en masse to destroy President Donald Trump.

“’QAnon’ is a baseless internet conspiracy theory whose followers believe that a cabal of Satan-worshipping Democrats, Hollywood celebrities and billionaires runs the world while engaging in pedophilia, human trafficking and the harvesting of a supposedly life-extending chemical from the blood of abused children,” The Guardian wrote last month. “QAnon followers believe that Donald Trump is waging a secret battle against this cabal and its ‘deep state’ collaborators to expose the malefactors and send them all to Guantánamo Bay.”

Biden explained that the power and influence QAnon has amassed inside the highest throngs of the United States government is frightening, and almost defies comprehension.

Trump himself was peddling QAnon’s insane theories for years before he was publicly mulling a run for the White House by encouraging his followers construct their worldview through One America News Network, QAnon’s First Amendment-protected media outlet.

Since OANN’s launch in 2013, Trump has promoted OANN on Twitter 102 times. Thanks to Trump’s enormous reach on social media titans like Facebook and Twitter, enabled by the platforms’ refusal until very recently to flag or remove fake news and hate speech shared by politicians (especially Trump), OANN has enjoyed a steroidal boost in popularity among the far-right, and its content is often shared or even directly parroted on Fox News.

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“What in God’s name are we doing? Look at how it makes us look around the world. It’s mortifying. It’s embarrassing, and it’s dangerous,” Biden exclaimed. “If the president doesn’t know better, which he has to know better, then my Lord we’re in much more trouble than I ever thought we were.”

Biden cautioned that QAnon, OANN, and the free press they enjoy online, on television, on right-wing radio, and from people within American democratic institutions have the power to destroy the United States as we know it.

“This can’t go on. This cannot go on,” Biden warned. “It’s the deconstruction of our democratic system.”

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