Joe Biden Beats Donald Trump In Fundraising For The First Time

After weeks without a campaign rally, Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign team has admitted that their fundraising in May was less than that of Joe Biden, who Trump mocked for his lack of public appearances. It’s the first time since the campaigns began that Biden has raised more than Trump.

biden outfunds trump
[Photo by Pete Marovich/Getty Images]

According to Newsweek, the Biden campaign announced $80.8 million in fundraising for the month of May. The Trump campaign had already released it’s May numbers: $74 million. The Trump campaign’s overall fundraising totals are still higher, but so are his expenditures, with half a million dollars in legal fees alone in May.

FiveThirtyEight reported on Thursday that current polling has Biden leading Trump by 9 points nationally.

However, remember that Hillary Clinton was leading in polls as America went into elections in 2016, and even won the popular vote, but Trump still took the electoral votes and was named to the presidency. FiveThirtyEight‘s analysis warns that, because swing states are so close right now, Trump could still win the electoral votes again, even with Biden in the lead.

The president has had a hard few months, with COVID-19 preventing his massive campaign rallies and affecting his approval ratings — Gallup shows the latest at 39%.

Saturday night, Trump returned to the stage to hold his first campaign rally since the pandemic forced a hiatus. The campaign boasted of a million ticket requests, but according to Forbes, only about six thousand showed up — about a third of what the venue could hold, and less than one-hundredth of the number of tickets claimed. The president maintained during his speech that a lot of fans didn’t get in because of protestors outside.

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